Fireworks over Queenstown

New Years Eve was filled with promise. I had envisioned sitting by the waters edge of Lake Wakatipu, with my camera on a tripod ready to capture the fireworks. Sadly, this didn’t happen. By mid afternoon on the day in question the rain started. Rather than sit outside in the rain for a few hours I knew I needed to find a view point, ideally inside.

So back in a cable car, up to the Skyline Complex and to sit in the bar and enjoy the view again. It was surprisingly quiet. At about 5 minutes to midnight took my camera outside. Predicting it would get busy quickly, my tripod stayed in the bag. Surprisingly, people mostly stayed indoors. The outdoor viewing area was nearly deserted when the clock struck 12pm. This photograph was taken without a tripod hence the reduction in quality.

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  1. I personally like the roughness to the photo, I think if it was sharp the city would take something away from the fireworks

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