Finnieston Crane, Glasgow

The Finnieston Crane is a landmark in Glasgow, Scotland. Built in 1932 by Cowans, Sheldon & Company of Carlisle on the Stobcross Quay on the north bank of the River Clyde, this Giant-cantilever crane has a lifting capacity of 175 tons and measures 50 metres (165 feet) tall and the arm (or “cantilever jib”) is 77 metres (253) long. Sadly, in the early 1990s it fell into disuse but today it remains as a landmark, a Category A listed structure and one of the most identifiable structures in the city of Glasgow.

Before visiting Glasgow for the first time last summer I had never seen or heard of this crane. I am hoping to revisit this part of the world this summer and maybe at some point photograph the crane at dusk.

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