Falkirk Wheel at Night

This nearly didn’t make it on to the website for a number of reasons. It very almost didn’t get taken at all due to the weather conditions. It is pretty rare for me to take ¬†photographs in the rain, but this was the first time at night, with the tripod and wide angle lens trying to capture a quick night shot before heading back to the hotel in Edinburgh. I started the day with a pre-dawn night shoot of the Forth Bridges before driving to Glasgow (via the Falkirk Wheel for sunrise) and then back here in the evening.

This is a long exposure, so it is hard to make out the rain. I couldn’t see through the camera which was shockingly wet. I couldn’t see if the camera had locked on the focus, or if the photo was going to be level, but I quickly set up the tripod and fired of three exposures at different settings and angles and this was my favourite. Although when I reviewed them back at the car I was very close to deleting them, as I thought next time I can do better. Next time I will do better and it won’t be raining, but at least I have something to show from this location at night.

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