Egglestone Abbey, Durham

I find it extremely useful to research areas online before I visit and photograph them. Some of the best websites to do this are Wikipedia and Flickr. Flickr is great because of the vast numbers of people who upload pictures; this means you are bound to find photos of where you are going. Also, searching by “most interesting” often gives the best images in the search. When I researched for my trip up to County Durham and the Yorkshire Dales I didn’t come across Egglestone Abbey at all. But one of the photographers I was staying with showed me a few of his pictures of the abbey and I decided to go. Luckily I went on the right day’ because the weather was perfect with a great blue sky behind the abbey. I hope you enjoy this and next time you’re planning a trip or going travelling with your cameras, take half an hour to browse through Flickr and Wikipedia, I promise you will find interesting places to visit and photograph.

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