Egglestone Abbey, County Durham

Today has been the busiest day for taking photographs. I walked around Romaldkirk, then went to Egglestone Gardens in the nearby village of Egglestone. From there down through Barnard Castle to Egglestone Abbey. Went on to photograph Raby Castle but it was closed so had to get pictures from the main road. Then explored two or three large reservoirs a few miles west of Romaldkirk and finally back home Whilst my laptop processed my photos for the days photography back at the house, I went for a walk a couple of miles up the road to take a few evening photographs of the countryside and the River Tees.

As you can imagine I am pretty tired but feel I have made the most of the first day of “British Summer Time”. Having that extra hour of daylight in the evenings really helps me take more photographs. The picture above is of a section of Egglestone Abbey, looking on the information board provided it indicates this is in fact the main east wing of the church (where the alter used to be). The abbey is quite large (although not as big as Barnard Castle) and dates back to some point between 1168 and 1198.

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