Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Whilst researching my archives of photographs of Edinburgh and Scotland for a client in Canada, I found that so far I have published 53 images of Scotland, nearly half of which were taken in the capital city, but none show the “classic” view of Edinburgh Castle from Princes Street Gardens. There is one from years ago showing the Castle behind a Merry-go-Round, but today I present you with my best photograph of this famous Castle. To be honest the best way to photograph this building is probably going to be from a helicopter. I have walked up Calton Hill and Arthur’s Seat, but that only makes you too far away. There are hardly any angles from the ground where you can see the whole thing and even then there are a lot of things in the way. This is why I call this picture the “classic” view because it is the angle of photograph that appears on a lot of travel guides and brochures about the area. Also, it is the picture that I think a lot of tourists must take every day as the walk though Princes Street Gardens. Hopefully I did the Castle a little more justice than the majority of other tourists.

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