Dubai Marina Skyscrapers at Dusk

When I see a concentration of large buildings, I usually put the wide angle lens on my camera, trying to include as much as I can. Usually leading to massive distortion of the perspective. This was true in my original similar photograph of Dubai Marina. Above I have turned to the right to avoid the crazy distortions and include more of the waterfront.

After spending the last couple of months travelling from Manchester, England to Auckland in New Zealand I am now settling in to take a few weeks break from travel. In the mean time I am excited to show you some more of the places I have been to recently.

2 Replies to “Dubai Marina Skyscrapers at Dusk”

  1. It looks so beautfiul. There is the blog in which we saw the large number of big buildings. They are made by the big architects which gives the different look. When the people see them they do not believe that they made by the person. My life in Dubia is more charming now since last week when I started using CityCard Dubia. M very satisfied.

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