Driving at Night

About a year ago I set my camera up in the back seat on the tripod and drove around the city centre of Manchester. More recently I wanted to try it again with Mark helping me out. This was actually taken after spending about an hour driving around the city centre, then on the East Lancs road back towards Mark’s house. It was difficult to get the timings and flash right, but that is my face reflected in the mirror as I was driving at the time. Makes for a good Facebook cover photo.

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  1. I thought we agreed this would be called “Warp Speed 7” ?
    We should also maybe take the time to apologise to the driver we may have tricked into thinking they’d been flashed by the speed camera. When in actual fact it was us in the car with what could be classed as unfortunate timing.

    Either way, nice shot! I love how the Speed Limit sign is in focus, didn’t notice that when reviewing on the Camera’s LCD – no surprises there! And of course, the eyes in the rear-view – WIN!

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