Doorway Detail, Pula, Sardinia, Italy

“Doorway Detail” is a pretty nondescript title, but that is what you’re looking at in the above photograph. I was walking down a back street in the small town of Pula and you wouldn’t expect me to walk past a photo opportunity like this, with the light so perfect and the blue vs. orange colours, so here’s the image I got. If you click on the preview above to see it big you will make out details such as the Z and L in the middle of the doors – I wonder what they stand for? I also like the way the left door is crocked. This annoyed me at first, I thought my photo wasn’t level, but I guess the doors are aged. I feel that this picture works well because of its simplicity, going in close and cropping out unneeded details is something I am trying to do more often these days.

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