Derelict Building below Oxford Rd Station

This photograph was taken only a couple of hundred yards from my flat. Whenever I walk past, I keep telling myself to go and get my camera. Tonight I was out doing some night photography for a client at this location, and thought it was time to attempt a photo. The building I am talking about here is in the centre of the above photo and looks as if it is just part of the bridge. They were probably built around the same time but it looks as if this building was a house at some point. It has clearly been empty for many years. I was stood on the pavement on Medlock Street to get this photograph, the River Medlock itself flows beneath me (I was on the bridge) and then continues around past Oxford Rd Station and on towards the Piccadilly direction. Today it was great to finally get out of the flat with my camera and take some photographs on a dry day after such an awful weekend of research for university homework and bad weather!

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