Demolishing MMU – The End of Loxford Tower

The tearing down of Loxford Tower on the All Saints campus of Manchester Metropolitan University started before Christmas. I know this because I have to walk past this view every day on my walk to and from my University building. It was today however, that I noticed that there was a photograph to be taken. So after lunch I took my camera down to the car park and looked up to watch machines cutting away at the tower. It was extremely windy and the brick dust kept being blown down onto traffic passing on the Mancunian Way (A57), which can be seen at the bottom of the above photograph. At the time I composed the picture with the idea that the lamp post at the bottom of the image would be cloned out in Photoshop, but in the end it stayed because it wasn’t as distracting when cropped and edited like this. Using Photoshop I did bring out more details in the sky and this gives the whole photograph much more impact in my opinion.

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