Craster Village from Harbor, Northumberland

One of the nicest fishing villages I have had the opportunity to photograph, not just in Northumberland but in the whole of England. Craster is a very small village, with a larger harbour than I was expecting – but that’s what you get with fishing villages. In the above photo the tide was obviously out, but there were a lot more boats on the other side against the sea wall.

The main part of this photograph that I personally like is the bottom left corner where there is a great deal of texture on the wet sand and seaweed. The way that the composition is intended to work is that you look at this, your eye goes across to the rock wall on the right, follows that wall into the photograph and ends up looking at the blue building with an orange roof. This is the where the lifeboat is stored. If you don’t see the photo in this way or your eye is drawn / focuses on a different area of the picture then please comment below, because I would love to know your opinions of this image in particular.

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