Countryside South of Hale, Cheshire

This is a photograph taken a while back round the corner from where I used to live. Although it seems a little false, the sky was like this. I have seen and photographed a couple of days with skies similar to the one pictured above. At this location it was easier to see the fluffy clouds both close to the camera and far away in the distance over the hills. This view is looking towards Manchester Airport, but there is no planes because we are over a mile away from the runway. I often used to get the off the bus from college at the bus stop where I was stood to take this photograph, sometimes there would be horses in the field. It reminds me that although I love living in the city centre and the convenience and visual diversity this brings with it. There are scenes out of the window like this one which I really miss, especially on cloudy, over cast days like today.

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