Cloud Gate

This highly polished stainless steel sculpture is the centrepiece in Millennium Park in the centre of Chicago. Nicknamed “The Bean” it has become a tourist attraction in its own right since it opened in 2006. Any time I visited during the day or evening it was swarming with people. I took the above photograph at 6am just before sunset. There was one other photographer (if you look very closely you might be able to make out the reflection of his camera bag). I had the camera on a tripod and using a ten second long exposure I walked up and down to remove myself from the reflection. This is my favourite photograph that I took on my month long trip around the USA. I didn’t include any people in this image to give you a sense of scale but you can easily walk under the middle part of the sculpture. It weighs 110 tonnes, is 20 metres long and about 13 metres high!

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