Church of the Good Shepherd

On the shores of Lake Tekapo is this tiny church built in 1935. It is arguably one  of the most photographed churches in New Zealand. Staying in the small town of  Tekapo for a couple of nights allowed me to visit at various times of the day. In  the day, there is nearly always coach fulls of tourists around the church, having  their photographs taken. It forms a nice stop off half way between Queenstown and  Christchurch, right off State Highway 8. As you can tell from my travel  photograph, I generally prefer building shots not to include other tourists. This  is why I went back at dusk. Sadly, it was cloudy but using a long exposure the  clouds blurred around the church to give this dramatic effect, enhanced by my  processing to black and white.

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  1. My friends son was married here a couple of years ago. Made beautiful photographs. Enjoy your trip ed ( ann nicholson friend of your stepmum)

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