Church of St Andrew at Aysgarth, Yorkshire

Whenever I am going somewhere and can take my time, I like to make stops along the journey to find interesting photographic opportunities. If you’re ever driving through the Yorkshire Dales, a great place to stop for a small walk or picnic is Aysgarth Falls. They are just on the main road and there is a large car park behind the pub. You then walk down a small country lane to the river. Between the river and the pub is the Parish Church of St Andrew. Due to the slope of the ground, the car park has the above view looking almost down onto the Church. When we arrived it was cloudy and there was a red car parked right in front of the churches entrance, I did take a couple and thought it would be great with a blue sky and no car. About three hours later when we return to continue on our journey, the car was gone and the sun was out. Sometimes I feel like the luckiest man alive.

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