Chorlton Water Park with Sign Post

I wanted to share two photographs from Sunday’s walk around Chorlton Water Park with you. The first shows the lake but second (above) shows more of the main part. There is a small children’s play area to the right along the path and the main car park is up the slope in the left side of this photograph. If I remember correctly the car park was free and for Easter Sunday it wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be. Although the water park itself had dozens of people walking around and sunbathing, as you can see in the picture. The inclusion of the sign post helps you understand where I was standing, I was actually facing north to take this picture . We did walk across the River Mersey (behind me as I take the photo above) but didn’t get as far as Sale Water Park because there were young children with us. I’m sure next time I go I will explore both, it is a great area for bike rides.

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