Chorlton Water Park, Manchester

Yesterday (Easter Sunday) I went to see family with my parents. It was in celebration of my grandmothers 70th birthday and it being Easter. After a lovely meal in Sale all 24 of us went for a walk around Chorlton Water Park. A few years back, I went on a cycle ride around Sale Water Park and Chorlton Water Park and really enjoyed the two parks. Chorlton is a lot smaller than Sale but very picturesque, especially if you get fantastic weather as we were lucky enough to have. The photograph above was taken on the west side of the water, looking eastwards. It seems very quiet but on the other side there were a lot of people sunbathing and having picnics. I would definitely recommend it for a place in Manchester to visit. It is surprisingly close to the city centre and not to busy, just make sure you pick a day with good weather.

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