China Town, Manchester Archway Details

Yesterday was a cloudy overcast day (surprise surprise) and although I did take a wide angle full view of the archway this photo was better in my opinion. The arch was built in 1987 and is the largest Chinese archway in Europe. Due to the tall buildings all around and the street signs etc it is very difficult to capture a good photo of the whole thing, especially on a dull day. I did try a Kov style HDR but it didn’t look very good.

The thing that I really like in this image is the top of the picture, which is a detail that is hardly noticeably until you study it closely. The way the whole structure is colour fascinates me and I think it looks great. I probably should have set my camera square on to the sign, but I would have been in the middle of the road and my tripod probably wouldn’t have defended me to well from moving cars!

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