Island on Lough Mask – Ireland

Island on Lough Mask - Ireland

Taken last summer on my trip to the west coast of
Ireland. I spent most of the week exploring the shore of the beautiful Lough Mask. I

wanted to publish a photograph I had taken in Ireland, due to it being St. Patrick’s
Day. The rocky outcrop or island can also be seen in another photograph on the
site, which I published on the day of capture. The other image has a few fishing
boats in the foreground and a bit of the pier (the photo above was taken from the
end of the this pier). I think the previous photo is a quality image but this has a
much more picturesque sky and is one my best photographs of Lough Mask,
although it doesn’t compare to my favourite which was taken on the opposite side
of the Lough.

Fishing boat on Lough Corrib, Ireland

Fishing boat on Lough Corrib, Ireland

I took this photograph back in August 2006. I
was stood on the shore with my back to the beautiful Ashford Castle. It was evening when I took this image so the light gave nice warm colours. Lough Corrib was
teaming with Salmon which were jumping out of the water, it must have been pretty
easy for these two fishermen to catch a few of them.