Castlefield canal boats at night

I am sat here in my one of my grandparents arm chairs after what seems a whistle stop tour of London and a complete mad rush of a week before hand. I am spending the next few days resting with family in Nantwich in Cheshire, where I am hoping to get a chance to write up my adventures, plan my next couple of photographic trips and work on some new features for the website. The photograph above is of Castlefield, the boat to the right still wasn’t in the perfect place but I have now worked out that Monday evenings are the most popular for boats mooring overnight on this part of the canal. The picture above was taken this time last week on my previously talked about night walk around Manchester taking photos for a competition. I didn’t enter this one but now I have enhanced it a little for the website it looks much better than I had originally thought, oh well I can’t do everything!

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