Castlefield Bridges and Beetham Tower, Manchester

The summer is nearly over, and although I have been on many photo trips around the UK and beyond this summer, it wasn’t as many as I wanted to get in, partly because I have been working to earn money to travel even more. Anyway, next week I am moving out of my parents and into my new flat in the city centre of Manchester. I got my key last Saturday and have a much nicer view out of the window than last year; it’s much better in general. Although I am planning a lot more photo opportunities and trips around the city for when I return to University next month, my time will be very limited. I have made the decision to post one photograph a day on this blog (otherwise it is not worth my time or effort). This daily photograph will continue for the next few years. Hopefully, I will be expanding the website to feature more portrait and event photography, both as a professional and for fun. The above image is one of the very few on the website that hasn’t been through Photoshop, no colour adjustments, no cropping. Just straight from Lightroom to the website. Castlefield is my favourite part of Manchester City centre and a place that not enough people visit. I hope to visit more locations around the city with my camera and bring the images to you via this website. But for now I have to start packing for my new flat and for my last trip of the summer, details coming soon…

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