Canary Wharf Skyscrappers at Night

This was the second time that I have looked up at the office buildings at Canary Wharf at night and it was much better this time. Why? Because this time I was fully prepared with a tripod and the time to wait for a nice long exposure. This particular photograph was a ten second exposure at an aperture of f/22. Whilst looking up these settings I realise now why the final image was so grainy. The ISO was at 500 instead of 100. Earlier in the evening I saw a map of the area and as I often do I took a quick snap. This was blurred as the light was already failing, so I put the ISO up to 500. Forgetting this I then carried on shooting for a good hour. This is extremely annoying for me and it is only the fact that I am going back to London in July that keeps me from going crazy, that I finally got the photo I wanted of Canary Wharf at night, but with tons of grain on the image because of my own stupidity.

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