Calton Hill Cannon and Monument, Edinburgh

I was sitting on a low (maybe a foot high) wall to take the above photograph. I usually rush my photos – grab them quick and move on to the next thing. However, this day was different and I ended up sitting, watching this view for at least half an hour. I watched as tourists from all different parts of the world came and had their pictures taken next to it. The cannon in the foreground is visually interesting and I do wonder what it was there for, there was no information board around to give me a clue as to its age or reason for being there. Still, dozens of others had taken its photograph and as I watched from the top of Calton Hill, over towards the Dugald Stewart Monument to the far right of my image, I began to frame a photo in my mind. I hope to revisit Calton Hill when I’m next in Edinburgh on a brighter, sunnier day as I feel that from here are the best views over the city and definitely worth the walk up to the top.

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