Butterfly at London Zoo

I would like to take more close-up photographs. Recently I have been looking at a lot of very interesting and creative images of small things. This butterfly for example would have looked better if I had set the Aperture on the camera manually. By not doing so my digital camera picked up a focus point close to the lens (the left side wing) and made sure that was sharp. Because of the size and distance from the lens this made the eyes and right wing out of focus. I probably took twenty shoots to get this image; it is my only half sharp photograph from London Zoo’s butterfly house. For such close, detailed work I really need a macro lens, obviously these are expensive. Maybe next time I’m in London Zoo I will take a tripod and experiment more with manual aperture settings and see what I can do with the one lens that I currently have. If anyone knows more details about what type of butterfly this is, or its latin name, then please comment below.

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