Robin Bird on Car Wing Mirror

The British Robin differs from its European cousin in having a much brighter coloured breast. This bird is technically called an Erithacus Rubecula Melophilus but it is easier to just say robin. This little fella comes with a nice story and a great lesson learnt. I had spent the day photographing Portmeirion with my parents. Later on in the afternoon I stumbled across a robin and took dozens of pictures as it let me get closer and closer. Most were blurred but I was very happy with a couple. We eventually packed up and got in the car to head back to Abersoch where we were staying. I kept my camera out and with me in the passenger seat. We all got in the car and just before driving away I looked over. There was the robin stood on the drivers side wing mirror posing with an almost perfect background. There was no time to wind down the window or set up any fancy equipment. Simply zoom in to 135mm with the camera and click away, through the car window. The above photograph show the result of this quick grab shot.

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