Boats on Windermere, Lake District

Although this was taken just over a week ago, I have been wanting to post a photograph of Windermere for a long time. As the largest area of water in the national park and in England, it is seen by many as the centre of this area. Finally, this website has photographs of Windermere, Ullswater and Conniston Water which I am happy to share w

Last year I was travelling back from Eskdale and decided to try and photograph the image pictured above. Unfortunately it was a very overcast, cloudy day so none of the images captured made it onto the site. However, my memory didn’t let me down and when the light was fantastic I was able to get this photograph (which was taken at around 9:20 in the morning). Foot Fell Park is a lovely place for a picnic, especially on a sunny autumn morning. As you can see for yourself the views looking north up the lake are breathtaking.

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