Boats harbour and gym

Taken early one evening on my walk home from the gym. The Feryberg Pool and Fitness Centre is the white building on the right of the photograph which is my location gym. I’m very fortunate that this was taken only about ten minutes walk from where I live. This is on Oriental Parade and is one of two small harbours for yachts. Here we are looking away from the city centre. The hills behind are across the Wellington harbour, towards the Hut valley and Johnsonville. I’ve seen this view hundreds of times as I walk past this view many times a week. The water is often very still in the morning but I’m looking for good times of the day to capture photographs like this one. I want to try and do more, maybe at night of this and similar views of the harbour. Just off to the right, out of frame, is a couple of dozen small wooden beach huts which run along the waterfront to the gym.

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