BMW Sauber F1 Car

On Saturday I was lucky enough to photograph the BMW Sauber F1 Team’s Pit Lane Park at the Trafford Centre. It was great to get so close to such a powerful car, especially when I am starting to take a keen interest in motorsport. Obviously this weekend was the Grands Prix at Sliverstone, so Nick Heidfeld and Robert Kubica were down south trying to keep up with Hamilton! The driver of the car pictured above was Matt Howson, a British Formula 3 driver. Sadly as you read this the Pit Lane Park team will have finished the three day event and moved on. If it comes back to the Trafford Centre next year or moves on to a city near you, I would certainly recommend going down just to experience the noise (and for the free ear-plugs). The Park is put on by BMW Sauber in conjunction with Intel and Credit Suisse. It is completely free to the public and they are currently touring Europe.

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