Blackpool Tower Shadow on the Beach with North Pier

I had a fantastic day yesterday, exploring the town and taking photos, but I couldn’t come to Blackpool without going up the Tower. I had been up it before (more than once in fact) but this was when I was much younger. I was very put off by the price of a ticket – £15 each for an adult! To be fair this includes a look around their aquarium, ballroom and even a circus (but we didn’t have the time to go to the next showing). I just wish they had had a cheaper ticket for just going up the tower and that’s it. Still it was another beautiful day and the views from the top were fantastic. I couldn’t make out the Beetham Tower but I did get great views over the whole town. I took a lot of photos, but thought I would share this one as I thought it was a little different from the usual “tourist” images you see captured from the top of the tower. I really love the way the shadow leads the eye into the photograph and towards the North Pier.

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