Behind the Pig & Whistle Pub, Liverpool

Please click the photograph above to see a large image preview. You might say, “But it is just a photo of three industrial bins at the back of a pub” – you’d be right. But when you see the larger version you can see that this photograph is a little different. Regular readers will know the images I like to capture – architecture and travel with nice blue skies. I look for the typical picture postcards. Well, there are times when a photograph is inspired by a style of photography and tries to imitate in order to learn from it. I feel that the above photograph is very artistic. Technically it is pin sharp and, although at first glance this image does just show three bins and a pub sign – I was drawn to the way that the graffiti links to the pub sign. For me, this photograph asks a lot of questions. What does “Time Shop Pig Eat” mean? Why does this pub have it’s sign on the back wall by the bins? What does the graffiti behind the bins say? For some reason, this pub makes me uncomfortable. It was taken last month on a day trip to Liverpool. I didn’t go inside the pub but I do remember it being in the middle of a practically deserted car park.

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  1. Great pic, and I can tell you that this is a fantastic little ale house, warm and friendly, go in next time you will be surprised!

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