Barnard Castle, County Durham

Before visiting the Bowes Museum last Saturday I went to Barnard Castle. I explored the town of around Castle, taking photographs of the castle itself, from the main road by the River Tees (see above). I decided it would be interesting to go into the castle, which cost me about £3. It is massive and quite high up from the river, disappointingly the grounds are 80% grass and only about 10% of the original castle founded by the Normans remains intact. The castle is now in the care of the English Heritage, a lovely garden has been built which nice benches and flower beds. I think that charging about £3 each for an adult to gain entry to this castle is a little pricey unless you have a specific interest. Whilst walking around though I did think it would be a fun place for young children to explore and there is areas for families to have picnics. So given a nice summers day, I think it would be a good day out but it wasn’t really my kind of castle to be honest.

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