Apartment Interior – Bedroom Detail

Yesterday I started working for a new client photographing apartments around the city centre of Manchester. This was one of the 750 images captured using my new super wide angle 10-20mm lens. The most difficult thing about the day was lighting.

I ended up using as little flash as possible and setting the ISO up to 400 or even 800 at times. This might seem high for a camera like the Nikon D80 that I use, and you would be right to think so. However, with Lightroom’s advanced noise reduction and software such as Noise Ninja I am able to remove almost all the grain. The client is using the images primarily for online distribution and so the higher ISO / noise problems are dramatically reduced with lower resolution web files and my post-processing techniques.

Unfortunately I can’t tell you which apartment building this bedroom is in, but I felt it was very stylish and modern, as were almost all the apartments I have been in so far. The artwork above the bed seems to work very well with the cool blue of the bed linen in my opinion.

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