Alnwick Castle, Northumberland

Yesterday I visited the grounds of Alnwick Castle in Northumberland. Obviously I took a number of photographs outside but sadly photography was not permitted inside the castle itself. Due to the weather being very overcast I thought it better to wait for a nicer day to get an image of the castle with better light (see above). Alnwick Castle and Alnwick Gardens are both on the same site, in the grounds of the castle, they share a lot of the facilities including restaurants, cafes, car parks etc but they have separate entry fees.

To get into the Castle it costs £9 for an adult or £8 for a student like myself. In my opinion this is way over priced for what you get, unless you have a great interest in the Percy family, the history of Northumberland or castles in general. I feel it was worth looking at but would not go again, whereas the garden is well worth it. I felt that if they had a joint ticket for castle and garden at say £10 or £12 it would be better as you could see the castle in the morning and enjoy the gardens and treehouse in the afternoon. If an adult wanted to see both today it would cost £16 which is a lot by the time you have got there, taken a friend and feed yourselves. *End of rant*

So the photo above was taken this morning on a walk along the River Aln. This is the best place to view the castle from a photographic point of view and costs nothing at all.

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