Akaroa Lighthouse

Built in 1878, this wooden six sided lighthouse sits on Cemetery Point. About half a kilometre south of the Akaroa Township. This isn’t the lighthouse’s original location. It was built on a rugged headland at the entrance to Akaroa Harbour, more than 80 metres above sea level. In 1980 the tower was moved in sections to Cemetery Point, now known as Lighthouse Point. This was thanks to the Akaora Lighthouse Preservation Society. Driving up and down Beach Road, I photographed the lighthouse from the north, south and then this view back from the north. I did park up next to the lighthouse for a closer view but this was the favourite of my daytime photographs. The ideal view would be from the jetty (seen in the foreground) at the Akaroa Yacht Club, at dawn or dust. Sadly, even during the day the jetty was closed off to the public.

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