Abney Hall, Cheadle

Built in 1847, Abney Hall is in a relatively unknown area between Cheadle and Disbury Villages to the side of the M60 motorway. The site was declared a Local Nature Reserve in 2005 and does have a surprising amount of plant and wild life. We went this afternoon for a picnic and a walk around. The only thing that spoils it is the noise of the motorway but this can’t be helped. I
remember coming here a lot as a child and the more I explored the more memories of the place came back to me. I would certainly recommend it for a little walk around the Nature Reserve. The hall itself (pictured above) is now used for offices, similar to the situation at Bruntwood Park down the road (although Bruntwood is much much bigger than this one. I think this was definitely a case of choosing the right day to go as the weather was perfect.

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