Abersoch Harbour, Wales

I was walking around the small seaside town of Abersoch with my friend Cy, both of us looking for photographs to take. It is fascinating to me to take photographs with other photographers, they see things you don’t see and vice-versa. I spotted the warm evening light falling on this mass of boats and took a photograph. When questioning Cy as to why he didn’t bother with the photo, he said it was “too busy”. Yes, it is a busy photograph and you can argue with the fact there is no focal point; there isn’t one main boat there that sticks out from the crowd and draws your eye. Having said that I loved the reflection of the shapes and colours on the water. I think the dark blue sky contrasts with the brightness of the white boats and to me that makes it worth sharing with you.

There is a small problem, due to the fact this image is very busy. It is a large file to download. As such when I compressed it down to make it fast to download, a lot of the details have been lost especially at the size you’re seeing above this text. I encourage you to click the image and wait for the much larger version – it is worth it to my eyes.

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