A dozen boats on Coniston Water

Call them sail boats, called them yachts, but I will refer to them as boats, and there are twelve of them in the above photography (go ahead, click to enlarge and count them). The way they are almost in a line across the image with the large, red one in the foreground is almost too good to be true, but this is how I found it. We were driving up for a photographic weekend away this time last year to Eskdale in the Lake District. We got up to the National Park early and the weather and lighting were just perfect for early November, so we stopped off here to capture some of the day.

Tomorrow, or rather today as I write this (see the time stamp above) I am setting off at in 6 hours to the Lake District for the next four days. It is very unlikely the lighting will be as nice as this but come Tuesday you will see the results. Obviously, up in the Lakes I will not have internet access so for the next two days the blog will feature archive work from this time last year, automatically updated each evening – as if by magic!

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