Honda CBF500 Motorcyclist in Action

Honda CBF500 Motorcyclist in Action
The image above is “Photoshoped” to blur out the background and give the biker an appearance of moving past the camera, the original can be seen below (continue reading). I added a motion blur filter to the whole photograph, then using a Wacom graphic tablet carefully masked out areas which I wanted to remain sharp.

I found that the hardest part of this edit was the front wheel, because it should be rotating if he were indeed moving. Well, I tried to select the wheel and apply a rotational blur filter but it didn’t look right as the fork of the bike would still be kept sharp so I decided against blurring the front wheel at all. Another detail I tried to add was a stream of light coming from the front headlight (which was switched on when the photo was taken) – I’m still unsure as to whether this works or not. Two and a half hours later, the above image is the result of my playing.

This type of Photoshop “creation” isn’t something I aim to do a lot, but I could see a market for this type of technic professionally, so I felt the need to try it out and see what type of reaction I get from it. In my opinion it is certainly a vast improvement from what the original file looked like…

Honda CBF500 with rider

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