Manchester Christmas Present Lights at Night

Manchester Christmas Present Lights at Night
Merry Christmas to all my visitors, readers and friends. I hope you have all had a wonderful day and although it seems to have come around very quickly, finally I have some photos that relate to the holiday season. Christmas day is always a busy affair for myself and the family, but I love it.

The above photograph was taken at the same time as yesterdays, in Albert’s Square, Manchester – outside the town hall. I am lucky to have framed the picture to avoid the scaffolding in the background but I don’t feel I have done as well as HDR photographer and close friend MJ Kov. You can see his version of a similar Christmas light below.

Manchester Christmas Light in HDR

In the spirit of Christmas please visit Kov’s new website and photo blog – please give him some feedback and comments because it is in the early days of blogging when we all need the most support to keep posting daily, despite low visitor numbers.

Happy Christmas to you all and thank you for your support.

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