Arndale Shopping Centre, Manchester

Arndale Shopping Centre, Manchester
The Arndale Shopping Centre is now the UK’s largest inner city shopping centre since the opening of its new area pictured in the photograph above. I was stood on the carpark level 5 looking down towards Next and River Island. This was taken about two weeks ago now and it was the busiest I had seen it until yesterday, when I walked through to shelter from heavy rain, when there was at least twice the volume of people traffic.

Ideally this picture should have been captured using a tripod rather than hand-held, but I was in a rush to take a few images before the inevitable happened – as always. Two minutes later I was tapped on the shoulder by a huge security guard and asked to leave. Luckily I wasn’t told to hand over my memory card, delete photos and wasn’t escorted off the site, so I guess I got off lightly this time!

As you can see from the “riot” pictured in the above image, I prefer to do my Christmas shopping online.

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